Happy Anniversary, dear…X2

A shout out to our beloved Jaybird X2…

It has been a month since we received Jaybird X2 at our shop.

We have sold 59 pcs so far, nothing to crow about, but it’s a minute achievement for a small enterprise like us.

Without much ado, we would like to thank our customers for all the support.

Thanks for having the patience to play the #game of skill at our shop and win prizes for family and friends, or to some, extra Comply tips (the promo ends this month), so for those who wants to get a 2nd or 3rd set, please pop by. :o)

Due to the success of Jaybird X2, our in-house creative little minion by the name of Bandelli built a lego-replica of our beloved Jaybird X2. Any purchase above $50, customers simply get to play 2 lovely games: yay, pick one.

#game of choice: guess how many lego bricks the Jaybird X2 has. Every answer gets the choice of picking 1 out of 3 gifts available.

#game of probability: roll a dice, depending on colour, you get the chance of picking up 1 out of 2 prizes available.

Until then, cya!

The Man with 6 lovers Part II

Today, the “Ice Maiden” descends from her heavenly pedestal to make her presence felt.


The Man was thrilled and sold on her lovely beauty, lavishing praises to the skies.

Alpha plays hide-and-seek. Charge and Stormy White remains a low profile today

Fire the fiery spitfire took a beating, losing her spot to Midnight Black.

Does Midnight Black deserve her status as the No.1 maiden in Decibel.sg city?

Only Time will Tell…


The Man with 6 lovers

Just 5 days ago, The Man ditched his previous 3 lovers, of whom had stood by with him thick and thin for the past 2-3 years.

His initial 2 lovers, Midnight Black and Stormy White looks sad but vow to win his affections.

His new lover, Camo, just barely 10 months ago, looks love-stricken and sad.


The Man looks at his newly acquired harem.

The Jaybird X2 comes in 6 different colours a.k.a Midnight Black, Stormy White, Alpha, Charge, Ice and Fire.


The Man was surprised to see his old loves in a new light, Midnight Black and Stormy White, in a brand new re-design. Shorter, more curvy but more baggage this time round.




The Man looks at his newly acquired harem a.k.a. Alpha, Charge, Ice and Fire.


Alpha is a sublime forest green, a shade different from his former lover Camo, but looks rugged all the same. Alpha looks good.


Charge is a bright Lime green. A flashy lover who declares her timely love to the Man. Charge looks like a young maiden, full of energy and life.





Ice is a cool Blue-teal. A sophisticated lover universally known as the “Ice Maiden”, standing aloof on her pedestal, refusing to mix with the masses.



Fire on the other hand, as the name implies, is a fiery spitfire. Fire remains the most popular Jaybird X2 in our shop.


The Man decides to bring “Charge” out for dinner, and discovers Charge to be dust-proof under the hazy skies.

The next day, The Man decides to try a new flavour. “Fire” the new spitfire, is Waterproof under the torrential rain.

The day after, The Man decides to indulge in past pleasures, and went out on a date with “Midnight Black” and “Stormy White”, and discovers how the new surpasses the old. Both curvaceous little beauties overwhelm The Man.

Who will The Man go with next? The “Ice” maiden or the “Alpha” rugged chick?

[to be continued] 12,000 words and counting…

Round (2)

Praise be to the God Almighty (not to sound too cliche), David survive the duel against Goliath.

David suffer some minor injuries (loss of a brand) but manages to retain all faculties (did not lose all the other brands), so David a.k.a Decibel SG lives to fight another day against Goliath (our competitor in the building).

Emboldened by the recent victory, David ask the God Almighty for assistance against the pagan gods a.k.a distributor toadies.

The God Almighty sent David his new champion, his new shining knight a.k.a Jaybird X2.

David is only allowed to carry the Jaybird X2 exclusively in the building, so kudos to Him for his timely assistance.

Jaybird X2 stands against the mighty Goliath who has more bark than bite. (ahem. we recently found out that one of the netizens who commented on our post actually works for ‘Goliath’, so there’s no point in claiming that he bought from us (which he never did) and will not be buying from us again.)

Ask every customer who buys Jaybird X2 from us: How’s the service and expertise?

We are interested to know who besides us engage the customer in a marketing campaign by giving a small token gift in return for supporting us through the purchase of Jaybird X2 (play game of skill) or spend above $100 in a single receipt (play game of chance), we don’t over-charge unlike our competitor in the building. We inform the customer warranty information and before they go, whether they will want to partake in s0me Japanese sweets.

We don’t ask our customers to ‘Like us on Facebook’ or to share a lot on Facebook to win an iPad (our neighbour does that). People who like us on Facebook, do it because they want to. We hope they continue to support us for as long as our service and expertise makes them happy enough to keep returning to us or introducing more friends to buy from us.

David a.k.a Decibel SG sends our best wishes and thanks to our customers for supporting us.

Round (1)

Hi all.

Welcome to Round (1): Goliath vs David a.k.a Decibel SG

Goliath is the nickname for our competitor in the building. A long-time veteran in the tourist-district of Sim Lim Square. It’s amazing how Goliath can survive amid all the bad press and scams used by the lower floors of the building.

On 28th of July, David’s friend commented on Facebook using David’s Facebook account on Goliath’s Facebook page. Two “netizens” lynched into the comment and pulled up privacy info on the Facebook account holder.

On 30th of July, one of the pagan gods a.k.a distributor’s toadies a.k.a salesperson informed David that Goliath send a letter to all distributor with a “me or them”.

Goliath’s mighty club thundered across the landscape, scaring the pagan gods with either you bow down to me or I will pull my business with you.

Who will side with David?

David uses a mere sling. What can David come up against Goliath’s mighty club?

[to be continued…]

on a side note, we are having a clearance sale before the brands are removed. While stocks last. :o)

what keeps us going?

it has been a year.

the sight of customers turning into regulars puts a smile on our faces.

no-can-do. @ Decibel SG, we don’t believe in one-time customers contrary to what other people think.

if today i serve a potential customer, and he or she likes our service and expertise, then we gain 1 experience point. there’s no limit to how many experience points we earned. everyday, we serve many different customers. what keeps us going.

when customers return for a 2nd time, a 3rd time, and so on and so forth, we welcome them into the Decibel SG family.

for as long as we continue to delight our customers, they will support us. i like word-of-mouth. it doesn’t matter to us who else says what, where, how, why and when. what matters most is that people keep returning because they like us, and for every person that likes us, we thank them for their support.

@ Decibel SG, we believe in returning in kind. for your support, a token of our goodwill, we prefer to give a prize as a small little reward in continuing to support us.

personally speaking, i have a regular customer “D” who came quite often to us. When we first met, “D” was willing to wait for me to serve him. He bought an Ultimate Ears Boom speaker from me. He listened as I explained to him why this speaker is meant for vocals. The next time he returned, he wanted a earphone for his daughter. RHA MA600i. Even when he’s not making a purchase, I welcome him as a friend. He stopped by often. Once he came and saw a beautiful wooden Bluetooth speaker, the Audioengine B2 Walnut. “D” was my customer for the first Audioengine Bluetooth speaker we sold. From then on, he became more than a regular fixture. He even brought his friend, and his friend bought an Audioengine product from us.

i never did ask him why he keep returning, because it wasn’t really necessary. he return because of our service and expertise, and this warms my heart. he trusted us to give him a good deal. he also saw something in us and thus he supports us. we thank “D” for his support and wishes to let him know that we really appreciate him.

@ Decibel SG, where less is more, and service and expertise goes hand in hand.

is it really a year ago when we….

we ask ourselves, is it really a year ago when we…

>>>>fast forward 1 year later….

It has been a gruelling year for us, for a newly start up competing against the big boys. It took a year for us to bring in what we wanted. So we ask ourselves, what next?

Our acquisition of brands are 95% complete. We missed out on some brands, B&W, Beats, etc, but no worries, we simply acquire more. No biggies either.

This year, we are regressing to our roots, and we hope to acquire more products to make our customers happy.

At Decibel.sg we believe in rewarding our customers for supporting us.

Last year, we came up with a #game of chance, where customers roll the dice and depending on what colour combination, it will determine the free gift.

During Xmas 2014, we expanded on our freebies by allowing customers who purchase premium items from us to play a slingshot game (purchased from Typo) which we called #game of skill. We also give away a Kinder Hippo wafer with every purchase. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s the thought that counts. Where else can you find shops giving chocolate wafers?

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so we replace the #game of chance with the newly upgraded version 2.0’s #game of luck. #game of luck requires finesse and lots of luck. It’s the same “Roll your dice” theme, but the 3 dices will have to add up. 3,6,9,12,15,18 points give you wonderful gifts. If your luck is bad, you still get a gift, but that will depend on whether it’s ‘odd’ or ‘even’. Comprehende?

What next?

Maybe roulette…if given the opportunity…simply undecided for now.

our motto has always been “less is more”. What does it mean? Before we bring in a product, we read reviews to decide whether its fits our profile. We believe in bringing in only quality products wherever possible.

— to be continued —


Year One anniversary promo: Q&A

Year One Q&A

The Any, How, What, Where, When and Why of our Year One anniversary promo

Q: Any super promos for Year One???

A: You betcha.

Q: How do I qualify for the promo? Do I need to be a member?

A: Decibel.sg does not believe in cumbersome memberships. There should be no strings attached. We believe that paying for a 2-year or lifetime membership is just an excuse by greedy retailers to earn more from you.

Q: What items are under offer?

A: 28 brands, 1 item per brand will be on sale for our Year One promo. Items subjected to change without advance notice, depending on stock availability.

Q: Where can I find out more about the promo?

A: You would have to pop by at the shop to check us out and see if there’s anything you wanted.

Q: Why do you not post the promos online on your website, Facebook or Twitter, etc?

A: Common old-school sensibilities. If we do that, we will receive a hailstorm of complaints from other retailers and distributors trying to prevent us to offer good savings to our customers. Now, you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Q: When are your promos valid till?

A: Our Year One Anniversary is 28th June, so it makes sense to commemorate from 28th June 2015 to 28th Sep 2015. It’s like an extension to the Great Singapore Sale.

In conjunction with Year One anniversary promo, we are giving away freebies.

Spend $100 in a single receipt and play #game of luck with free gifts worth up to $59.

Purchase premium items and play #game of skill with free prizes worth up to $129.

It’s not a bribe. It’s our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for supporting us and making this possible.

We hope to see you soon at our shop :o)


Decibel SG management

time of the year approaches……

Hello everyone.

It has been a long arduous year since we opened for business. Year One approaches…

Year One is our 1st anniversary.

We will have a 3-month promo to commemorate our Year One, starting from 28th June 2015 to 28th September 2015, otherwise known to some as the Autumn Sale. 28 brands, one model for each brand will be going at a super-super attractive price. While stocks last, of course.

e.g. if Sennheiser Momentum on-ear is on promo and we ran out of stock, we may switch to a different model. But only 1 model per brand will go on offer.

The promo will be published on 28th June 2015.

Cheers :o)

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It’s the time of the year again…

when adults give free money to kids to spend.

when kids wear new clothes to visit their relatives, beaming as they receive their free money and stuff themselves with many goodies and expanding their waistlines.

when the young and old look forward to seeing each other again, as if social media wasn’t enough. :o)

here’s wishing all of you a happy Gong Xi Fa Cai.

for people playing mahjong, here’s wishing you good luck.

for people gorging food, here’s wishing you good health.

for people who decide to pay a visit to us during the weekend after chinese new year, here’s an apology as we will be closed from 18/02/15 to 22/02/15, from reunion dinner day to 2 days of chinese new year to the weekend after.

Decibel SG will be opened from 23/05/15 onwards.

Do save your money and come visit us when you are free.