[Members] only

(1) Admission Criteria

- Doesn’t matter what age, ethnic, race, religion, we accept all customers who bought any item at Decibel SG, be it $2 or $1199.

(2) Admission Prerequisites

- Nope, all potential customers do not need our permission to pay an admin fee of $9.90 or a renewal fee of $$$ to be a member.

- At, our management do not believe in paid membership in order to buy something.

(3) Do I have to be a member to buy from “ Member Promo”?

- To respect distributor-reseller guidelines, we are not allowed to display discounted prices unless it’s for members only promotion, as this will affect other retailers islandwide.

- Therefore, we hope all potential customers are potential members.

- For some brands, we will only display the promotion prices at our shop. The last thing we need is a public apology for giving discounted prices to customers due to other retailers filing complaints to our distributors.

(4) Why do you not display discounted prices like some online shopping sites?

- We personally believe that we should do something like that so that our customers are aware of our in-house promotions. However, some distributors have imposed some guidelines, which unfortunately we have to comply, in order to sell their brands at our shop.

- Pop by the shop or simply give us a call to check whether there is an in-house promotion for some products. Brands like Audioengine, Chord, Echobox, Harman Kardon, JBL and Meze are an example where we aren’t allowed to give discounts online.

(5) What does it mean when you stated “shop warranty”?

- Shop warranty means that any products purchased on Decibel SG premises, customers will return to the shop if purchased product is defective. The warranty stated does not cover head/ear cushions/paddings/headband or cosmetic defects as all products are sealed and new. We require all customers to verify the contents within the box to ensure that there are no issues for contention.

- E.g. Our Audio Technica products are purchased from a local Authorised Reseller. A sticker at either bottom or side of the box will indicate it’s a local distributed product. However, since we are not an authorised reseller, we cannot send customers to the local Audio Technica service centre.

- For other brands which are covered by either 1 month/6 months/1 year shop warranty, the products are sourced by our purchasing division and as such, we will cover all warranty pertaining to the defects with the product, such as one side no sound. Our warranty does not allow user issues like one side less sound as that is due to user preferences which differs from person to person and is hence subjective. Our warranty also does not cover cosmetic defects which is outside our control as the product is brand new and sealed. Due to wear and tear from different users, our shop warranty does not cover if due to abuse of said product e.g. torn or damaged wire ligaments due to removal from ear with excessive force that results in damaged cable, etc.