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Adios 2014 …. bonjour 2015

Decibel SG, founded 28/06/14, celebrates it’s 180+ days with nostalgia.

Highs – Jaybird/Pebble building exclusive.

Lows – Festive feedback from a harlot telling me how to run my shop and hiring policies.

2014 was a great year.

– We managed to achieve our goals: #Survive.

– Consumer headphones 90% completed.

2015 will be a better year.

– Revamp our professional range of AKG and Beyerdynamic series.

– Introduction of DAP into our lineup, starting with iBasso, etc.

– Complete consumer headphone range

– Increase BA lineup starting with Audio Technica, etc.

– Improve on offerings for audio accessories like headphone stands, cables, etc.

– Consider adding Bowers & Wilkins, Sol Republic, Westone, Dita or Etymotic (pick 2) to our plethora of brands.

1, 2, 3, 4 quarters, so little time, so many firsts to achieve for a small enterprise with big ambitions.

Ganbatte. :o)

Is honesty the best policy???

Dear customer,

Having being a customer, a salesperson and founder of Decibel SG, I pride myself on my honesty when it comes to product knowledge.

If I know, I know. If I don’t know, I don’t know.

Personally, I find it appalling if I were to walk into a shop and ask the salesperson to recommend the best headphone they have. Do you think they know anything? Or do they pretend to know?

So the question is, why do people keep asking this, yet still buy it and complain about it after their purchase?

Simple gullibility.

A few shops came to mind when I walk in as a customer. It’s not nice to flame those shops, so I shall refrain from criticising the #No 2 audio shop at Ion, the accessory shop at Katong, the branded audio shop in the West who can’t tell the difference between BA (Balanced Armature) and Dynamic and those little fruity people scattered throughout the whole island.

Oh and yes, I don’t consider myself an audiophile. I’m just someone who loves listening to music and wants the customer to tell me his/her preferences, and they will ultimately make the decision to buy what they like, what they truly want. Yes, regulars who truly support us, we need you.

Sim Lim Square is not a frightful place as the media portray us to be.

Even as a newbie shop owner, I find myself trying my best to serve and assist customers in making the right choices on a daily basis. I don’t want a customer who buys because it’s a must. Don’t feel obligated because it’s our duty to help you make the correct decision. Buy only if you like our service and expertise. Decibel SG excels in serving customers who fall between the cracks, people who don’t shop elsewhere, didn’t know better or just simply people who like us. We have regulars despite being a new shop.

For example, which audio shop do you know who believes in giving a small gift to thank customers for supporting us? Well, I personally believe that a little kindness goes a long way.

Do you know?

Every minimum spend of $50 in a single receipt, you get 3 dice throws to obtain a prize. This is what we called #game of chance.

Every minimum spend of $288 (26/12/14 to 17/02/15) in a single receipt during this festive period, you get to play a slingshot game. 2 balls, 2 chances, 1 prize. This is our #game of skill, better prizes.

So, people, what are you waiting for?

Pop by Decibel SG today, #05-63 Sim Lim Square, purveyor of audio and mobile accessories.


The Art of Giving

Once upon a time eons ago, Christmas is the season where everyone gets together to celebrate the yuletide festival.

Now, the festival creeps into your subconscious, urging you to spend your hard-earned money for family, friends and strangers.

The question is, do you give because you want to or had to. Alternatively, do you appreciate what you receive?

The Art of Giving is to give what is needed not what is wanted.

Most mainstream givers assumed what their recipients will like, and thus use their hard-earned money to buy something which the recipients do not appreciate. Is that a waste of money?

Buy something this Christmas for that special someone what he or she needs.

When a customer steps into Decibel SG, our mission is to ensure that you walk away, first with your ego intact, second you buy what you really come for and third you are satisfied with our service and expertise.

This Christmas, pop by our shop. The gift you want to buy for your loved ones, make sure you understand the importance of knowing what kind of music he or she listens to and don’t ask for recommendations, because we will only end up recommending something that we love, not what you love or what your intended recipient loves.

Try our demo sets (if available) and ask yourself whether you make the right choice.

Once you’re sure, there is no turning back. Buy it and give that wonderful gift to someone to make him or her happy.

Mission accomplished.

“Like” us on Facebook

Please “like” us on Facebook only if you think we deserve it.

Don’t like simply because your friend likes it, but if u think clicking “like” is fun, please do so.

Provide your feedback so that we can improve.

I don’t see a “hate” button on Facebook, so flamers please read below.

[note: dear flamers, please comment if you have been to the shop and not because you own or work at a competitor or friend association with Decibel SG haters, ex part-time staff who were relieved of duties for discipline issues. Don’t be a mindless sheep. It’s ok to dis-respect us but please respect your own dignity. It’s unbecoming to be that uncivilised].

cheers :o)

36 brands, 18 more to come

Hello to all music lovers out there.

Decibel SG currently carries 36 brands and we are expecting another 18 more to come.

Yes, we are 3 months old. It’s simply amazing how much support we get from our distributors. Kudos to them for making it happen for us.

Competition from within the building is almost non-existent. We thrive on expertise and customer service. We engage customers by giving them free gifts in our “Roll the Dice” promo, as a by-the-way appreciation to our customers for supporting us. Which company in Sim Lim Square does that?

Yes, Decibel SG, we do.

Why? I can’t really answer that, you will have to ask the customers why they keep coming back. Is it the service? the extra mile we are willing to go for, or we simply blow our competition in the building away.

Each time you walk into a shop, don’t ask what do you recommend. The staff cannot help you. They can only recommend to you what gives them the most commission or what they like. In other words, they know nothing. Oh yes, Decibel SG does not recommend. We simply ask for your music preferences, then we encourage you to try. What I like may not be what you like. Simple as that.

This is where expertise kicks in. A bass junkie walks in. I want bass. Will that be punchy or boomy? What’s the difference? Punchy is recommended for House & Electronica genres while Boomy is for 80s Rock, etc. Tailor-made service and common courtesy does not require much effort, do they?

Customer service. Shops that simply display the goods without demo sets are simply telling you to buy, don’t ask too many stupid questions and get lost, since they only want your money. Will you pay top dollar for service?

Alas, we are not perfect. We have different types of walk-in customers daily, from your audiophiles to your fussy types to those bargain-hunters.

We try our best, that’s what we do. Give us the due respect and we return that in kind. Will you be our customer one day? That’s for you to decide.

Adios for now. gonna catch my 40 winks.

Bienvenue Willkommen Aloha

A very warm welcome to one and all. Welcome to Decibel SG, purveyor of audio and mobile accessories.

At Decibel SG, we pride ourselves in our service and expertise, or at least, we aspire to be.

Being a newly incorporated company only introduced to the retailer scene on 28th June 2014, we are fortunate to land ourselves a few brands in competitive Sim Lim Square, namely exclusive reseller for Boomerang, Jaybird, Laut, Native Union and Pebble.

What are they?

Boomerang: Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Jaybird – Bluetooth earphone catered towards people with an active lifestyle

Laut – Iphone 6/6+ rubber cases

Native Union – Iphone 6/6+ wooden cases

Pebble – The world famous “notifications” bluetooth smartwatch who took the world by storm for both Android and iOS platforms.

What brands do we carry other than the above?

Click “Manifesto” on out webpage to see what brands we currently carry and what we intend to do so in the future.


– Accessories (Pelican, etc.)

– Earphones (Audiophile, Bluetooth, Noise-canceling, etc.)

– Headphones (Audiophile, Bluetooth, Kids, Noise-canceling, Wireless, etc.)

– MP3 players (coming soon)

– Speakers (2.0, 2.1, Bluetooth)


– Pebble smart watches

Mobile accessories:

– Cases (iPhone 6/6+, Samsung S5, Xiaomi, etc.)

– Flash Drive (Sandisk, Sony)

– Flash Memory (Sandisk)

– Power Banks

– Screen Protectors Tempered Glass (iPhone 6/6+, Samsung S5, S4, Note 3, etc.)

Where are we located?

Sim Lim Square, favourite haunt of tourists, locals and bargain-hunters. There is a saying, the higher you go, the more honest they are. We are at unit #05-63. Look out for a Decibel SG signage in lamborghini yellow background without lighting. From the escalator, take a left turn. From the main lifts, take a right turn, and hey presto, we are there.

But, hey, your shop looks ‘atas’, local-slang for expensive-looking place….

no, we’re not. It must be the lighting…same old, same old. We wanted something soothing, for our customers to enjoy their music, unhurried. The ambience is modern science and it doesn’t take an architect-type to design the layout. It’s that simple. and you start thinking “where have I seen this before?”

The answer is, yes, you got that right, IKEA…it’s like a real-life shop made up of furniture, decor from IKEA and a little from MUJI. The lamps are cheap at $13.90, and no we are not “atas”, no sir or madame, we simply rack our brains to achieve the most with a tight budget, but tasteful to our own coloured perception towards life.

We are Decibel SG, and we “Willkommen” you.


Decibel SG Team.