I have friends and acquaintances…

most people ask why we set up a shop. we think we provide a unique consumer-oriented approach.

some friends shared how the local audio profession has evolved over the years…

sadly, i grew up not knowing any of this.

a backstory arises that i visited 2 shops, one in the west and the other within proximity of our current location and is appalled at the service and lack of professionalism, and so we decided we can do better.

An acquaintance commented that perhaps i didn’t visit the right shop. He’s right.

Well, I did apply for a job at one, but was told I was too old, so I decided to start one instead.

The other, through an acquaintance did offer me a job, but I can’t foresee running second fiddle to someone with less expertise than me.

perhaps, that’s why Decibel SG exists because we don’t take things for granted.

and just for sure, had I found a worthwhile employer that matches my ambition and job satisfaction, Decibel SG would never have existed.

so yes, i’m gonna take a bow and thank them.