Gd’ mornin’ , Rise and shine!

Brilliant weekend <yawn>

first weekend of the holiday season.

everyone starts splurging.

me, I’m working so hard updating this website, doing research, deciding the roadmap for next year. It’s my favourite task, planning what to bring in next year. something that some competitors simply delegate to their staff or distributor. When a shop’s direction lacks the personal touch, it’s “I don’t know, like something is missing” that kind of feeling.

Having a hand in deciding what the future holds for us is not only intoxicating, but thrilling and frightening at the same time. It’s like writing my Christmas wish list for next year and playing hangman at the same time.

Let’s see.. have wireless speakers drop to the price point I want? Last year, we had the brilliant Ruark ahead of its time. Which brand will make an appearance this year?

Right now, bluetooth speakers have already reached its peak. when will we see more affordable options for hybrid wireless/bluetooth devices? yeah, yeah, I know it’s available, but the price point is still too high for the mass market, besides the fact that most will find it difficult to setup. Remember JBL L8? The Wireless setup even confuses the hell out of a half-techie like me, much less less technically-inclined people out there.

1) Klipsch Sonos #overpriced

2) Lenco #decent priced but have to push the brand

3) Kickstarter brands #don’t get me started on those funky ones we see where there is no local representation.

4) Bose SoundTouch series #looks promising but a brand that rests on its laurels…

5) which brand out there is stylish and sounds good? I want it to look good from an aesthetic point of view, and it has to sound good. It must give me goosebumps when I listen to Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, Edith Piaf, Alessandro Safina, Sting and Tsai Chin. If I don’t get that vibe, so sub bass, mid-centric and pristine vocals works best for me. I’m like 75% on this brand, working out the kinks and seeing whether it’s ready for our shop.

hmm..trends like Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, um, those without wires.

1) Earin #over-priced

2) Jabra #over-priced

3) Motorola #good sound

4) Samsung #not too bad, but don’t worry, it won’t explode on you

5) Bragi #when the hell is this brand coming in to Singapore? [pending] local distributor claims it’s pending IDA approval. Seriously, my man?

6) Trinity Audio #any new distributor willing to take this brand? It’s looks nice.

7) crazy baby #very nifty looking, any distributor?

8) Erato something #truly over-priced!! but don’t worry, the distributor is famous for throwing price ahead of its time.

Is this the future? <yawn>

i’m going back to sleep. been burnin’ the midnight oil, seasoning our new AKG K92….the bass cometh…the mids truly astounding at this price. the vocals, well, it’s progressive but comfort so-so, but long listening sessions, 6 hours…spent 4 hours sleeping with it on….listening to “The Whitest Boy Alive”, and it’s improving. mebbe cos it’s my Macbook Air with its intel HD4000 on-board sounding so good…just visualising what I can do with my Audioquest Dragonfly doc, when I can find the time. <YAWN>

cheers. 1 hour sleep sounds nice. :op