54,43, 32, 21,10 countdown to christmas

clock is ticking….

the time of the year where one thinks of how to allocate your budget for christmas gifts.

seriously, 12 days of christmas? me thinks we need 54 days of christmas with the fake snowflakes in this part of the world, the plasticky christmas tree, tacky ornaments, even all the hugs and kisses from loved ones.

[sighs] as i listen to Tord Gustavesen Trio while typing this, i contemplate life as it is. Life is full of surprises, it’s like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump used to say.

well, i say it’s about damned time that one advocates the Spirit of Giving.

[shameless self-promotion again!!!]

This is the 2nd year we are doing our Annual Christmas Giveaway. Last year was a roaring success. It warms our hearts when customers say thank you. Most didn’t expect gifts. I believe in the Spirit of Giving.

is it wrong to give? Most people take other people for granted. we live in a multi-connected world where we can reach each other across different continent in a matter of seconds…boring text have no emotions. emoticons doesn’t sum it up ^_^

for moments like this, spend more time with the family, appreciate the bonds you share (go away, PokeGo!!)… christmas is for family get-togethers…so this year, we will be closed for Christmas.

i’m rambling, ain’t that so?

Read the #promotions if you want to know more….

for now, the relative Zen i felt when i put on my trusty Parrot Zik and contemplate life. as the clock ticks, i think of the yester-past. of missed connections, of everyone who’s in a perpetual state of progression as I procrastinate on life’s little idiosyncrasies. i consider what’s important to me. what i have experienced thus far…what i have achieved for the past-year, and i’m contented with my lot. seriously, what more could I ask for?

A thank you from a customer goes a long way. A simple thanks will suffice. They really love the shop, the decor, the homey feel when they step into our humble little shop. we are grateful for their support. did we do a good job this year? me thinks we did. we hope to make it better with little touches here and there.

this year with our usual ups and downs…

ups –

(1) a thank you to our distributors for having faith in us. most notable will be adding brands like Meze, Oppo, B&O, V-Moda, etc.

(2) a thanks to our competitors for providing a challenge. my personal motto says it all: veni, vidi, vici.

downs –

(1) losing building exclusivity for Jaybird, but it’s good while it lasted. now, we know how giving a Christmas gift helps to prolong our dominance.

(2) losing my alma mater R.I.P Soundwaves Studio 2016, thanks for allowing us in measuring our achievements by our own yardstick, we really need to be more competitive.

we also welcome a new addition to decibel sg to improve our bottomline cos with success, comes continuation.

next year, we will focus more on expanding our reach and continue to do what we do best.

until then, it’s 40 sheep for me. adios for now…