knock, knock [short interlude]

hi there.

knock, knock, where’s my pot of gold?

gold where?

do and get what I want + free gift.

—-interlude —-

welcome to the Great Singapore Sale ( version), which ends on 30th August 2016.

2 months of ever-evolving items on sale.

the ikea lamp is on sale, if it’s damaged.

the chocolate wafers are free if you ask nicely.

good things happen to those who ask politely.

we offer free-seating arrangements, sit where you want with the headphone demos at our shop.

we don’t do coffee. you can get coffee at kiliney kopitiam downstairs at 2nd floor, after walking past the Berlin Wall.

we don’t do tea either, i’m afraid. because water and audio are not the best of friends. they tend to cancel each other out like noise-cancellation.

but we do offer advice and assist you in buying the right product.

buy what you really need, not what you really want.

don’t buy based on your friend’s recommendation. he/she can’t tell you what’s good for you. only you can, comprehende?

[seriously] we think it’s best you decide what you want because it’s your money.

last but not least,

we don’t sell microphones (everyday we get 2-5 enquiries)

we can’t give 100% discount. that responsibility falls to the shops on the 2nd floor i.e tourists only.

in this building, only 1 bona-fide audio shop who doesn’t sell gaming, beats, westone, headphone amps, customs or do headphone repairs.

cheers :o)