what is an audio concept store?

Hi there.

Today we will explore the possibility of setting up an audio concept store.

What do you think you need?

Charisma? Bags of Gold? Business Acumen? Evolutionary idea?

Personally and seriously, nay…all you need is common sense. Why common sense indeed…

To me, there are 4 types of audio shops.

(1) Audio shop

If you are setting up an audio store, all you need is “Bags of Gold”. Just bring in brands and hope the customers pick it up and go. I know of 2 such shops. One is still thriving, while the other has gone bust.

(2) Legacy Audio store

Legacy ones are tricky…they are born with a passion and slowly over the years, they either are awesome or just smoulder into one of those a dime a dozen audio shops. 3 of such shops are still thriving, although 1 of them has been handed over to the next generation.

(3) Audio concept store

Concept stores are different. A store with a social conscience. A store who ensures that the customers buy the right product and relies on its single-mindedness to sustain itself.

(4) Evolutionary ones

There is 1 shop that fulfils this criteria. This shop is borne out of legacy, but evolved into 2 bouts of genius and innovation. Genius in combining both audio and coffee. Innovation in bringing to fore a combination of genes and roots. Only Time will tell if combining hot steaming roasting beverages with Stax Electro-static audio gear or having a retro Marshall bluetooth speaker blaring in the background is conducive to a nirvana for people who enjoy audio and coffee.

So who do you want to be, if you were to open 1 such shop?

(1) Audio shop – low barriers to entry, lots of money bags required.

(2) Legacy Audio store – high barriers to entry, lots of Charisma, Money Bags and Business Acumen required.

(3) Audio concept store – mid barriers to entry, 200k of money bags required, some Business Acumen and Social Conscience required.

(4) Evolutionary ones – high barriers to entry, heaps of money bags and plenty of Evolutionary ideas to challenge the norm.

Decibel SG is neither ambitious nor evolutionary. We just want to do the right thing. So option (3) is us getting it right.

common sense, really. :o)