re-defining ourselves

Hi all.

As time passes on, we begin to re-examine our priorities in life.

Often I ask myself why we open an audio shop when there are so many such shops littering around. Some shops are operated from a business point of view, while some are opened by people who truly love audio and what it represent and there are some who just jumped unto the bandwagon because someone else is doing it.

In short, I visited some audio shops but couldn’t meet one that meets my stringent requirement of passion, heart, service and expertise in that order. I found some shops with passion and expertise, but heart and service seems impossible, or perhaps I didn’t get to visit the right shop. was founded on the principle that we will endeavour to do better if we didn’t get it right the first time, almost like an unpolished raw diamond in the rough. We are not perfect and probably never will be as we strive to meet the expectations of our customers.

One does not rest on its laurels, as we are constantly reminded that we need to keep learning as it takes forever. One thing we learnt from our customers is not to take things in life for granted. That’s why we value constructive criticism, as it helps us to improve ourselves. We will, however, draw a line at self-adulation, because we feel that it’s not needed as it leads to complacency, and that will lead us nowhere. was founded by an outsider of the audio industry, someone who believes he can do better to serve 95% of the population out there.

Personally, I think our primary objectives should be heart and service. Secondary objectives would be passion and expertise.

Without heart, there would be no passion.

Without service, customers will be turned off even if there is expertise.

Clearly, we believe in what we preach, otherwise we would be called by many names synonymous with the audio industry.

Decibel SG, born with a heart, unadorned passion, evolving service and unbridled expertise.