Spring Cleaning Sale & a personal owl post to our management

Yup, it’s the time of the year (I swear, it’s always after CES) where we usher in new products and clear out old products.

We have up to 88 items to clear, although some products are just an excuse to have a sale, since @ Singapore, we always have a sale anytime of the year.

Many items on promo and unbelievable prices (only if you pay cash, you get better deals).

Pop by our shop to see if there’s anything you want. Go to the IT show and see what’s on fire clearance…and if we can price-match, we will. Don’t ask for the impossible or for whatever free gifts that come with during the show cos we can’t do something like that.

I always wonder how most people test audio at IT show… when it’s so loud.

Test at our shop, nice ambience, decent seating arrangements and see if it works best for you.

Our friendly neighbourhood spider-men a.k.a staff will be there to assist you. We have the ever-affable management trainee (winner of several good service commendations from customers) to assist you, or the geeky information overload part-time (I can tell you that he’s definitely the most technical of the lot) or yours truly (who’s writing this article).

We are not perfect. We try our best to assist your needs. However, if you have the expertise, why not share it with our management: management@decibel.sg

The email should be written as:

Dear Dominic,

I’m writing to you to share how I think or what I consider to be a great improvement to your drab-looking shop…..yadda…yadda.


I’m writing to complain about your staff’s attitude, how irritating it is that he presumes or he thinks i can’t afford this item….yadda…yadda.

Be it compliments or complaints, we welcome your comments: the more the merrier.

Any award-winning letter gets published on this blog so that we may improve. Don’t worry, we will keep your (sender’s email) confidential, respecting all privacy laws and all that legal mumbo jumbo.

C’mon, put a Cheshire grin on us.

We want to be the next up and coming entity improving as we grow from strength to strength.

We don’t want to be a has-been, neither do we want to be seen but not heard. That doesn’t help us.

Help us improve, mina-san (everybody).

We don’t want to end up like where I used to work RIP @ [insert audio company closing].

We want to compete with the big boys cos it’s fun to challenge, to serve, to excel and to cry out veni, vidi, vici till kingdom’s come.

adios for now.