18 months ago, there was no business entity known as Decibel SG.

18 months later, Decibel SG is surviving, and it’s all thanks to our distributors, customers, regulars and staff.

We are grateful for their continued support.

As a small fish in a big pond, we are rather happy with our achievements to-date. We have regulars asking us whether we intend to carry CIEM or Headphone Amplifiers or to be a distributor.

Regarding the direction of the company, we do not intend to carry CIEM or Headphone Amplifiers as we feel we are not ready. We would rather focused on the other segments of the market. Our retail operations are on track, and our product range selections are getting better.

For now, we will focus on what we do best: niche brands with good sound and good looks.

Our motto: less is more.

Our roots, our continued success is dependant on the common saying: veni, vidi, vici.