Dear Readers

Hi to those who reads my blog.

This will be a rather boring update, just the usual repertoire.

First, for those who wants to know the identity of yours truly, honestly? I’d like to think that the thoughts, bias and progressive opinions are a reflection of our collective thoughts for those who are the movers and shakers behind this little fish in a big pond.

Second, I apologise but it is simply impossible for one such person to be able to write a blog that self-contradictory. If such a person like that exists, he wouldn’t be managing a start-up. He should be managing a country. In our collective opinion, we think that only when we have an impact on the lives of those around us, then we can truly understand what is human nature, and how our actions will determine reactions or consequences.

We are one. We would like to think that our new “campaign” is effective. 40 days of Christmas. Our Second Coming. Year 2 for the entity known as Decibel SG.

We are curious why we are Giving. Why other audio shops like us, do not Give. Do they not appreciate their customers?

In my opinion, I enjoy Giving. I do not enjoy Receiving.

There’s no why. Giving simply warms the heart. It’s the one thought that counts, and to me, that matters. It matters because I’m simply thinking that it makes someone happy, and that is one way of showing appreciation. Our customers’ hard-earned money feeds our rice-bowl. We Give something in return. Isn’t that right?

Decibel SG management wishes to celebrate its Second Coming by Giving our thanks and appreciation for a job well done.

[currently listening to Dame Kiri Te Kanawa while testing JBL Reflect BT: tester’s choice for good vocals].

Yours Truly signing off :o)