Feeling restless…

Boy, am I rearing to go.

I can’t wait to go where memberships go…where paying $9.90, $20 or purchase a certain value to qualify to be a member.

Why? Why? Why?

So what if you are a member? You don’t owe us anything!

Do you know why Decibel SG prefers to open in no-man’s land? Sim Lim Square is a nice place to be, if you are not greedy or naive, that is…

Once, I worked in a Pakistani-owned shop that specialises in selling memory cards… we receive expats looking to exploit us by wanting to buy from shops who can give big discounts. My boss, being a fair-minded businessman, seeks only to earn a minimum and sell at a reasonable price. E.g. Electronic product A sells at $129 retail price, we sell at $99.

I remember sending customers to the den of wolves on the 2nd floor for customers who wants for themselves a good bargain. They left and return and accept our prices but does not want to pay for the credit charges.

What happened…you ask?

They were quoted $250 for Electronic product A. Customers bargained for 50% off, feeling proud of their great bargaining skills, and upon payment, realised that they were being charged $26 more than our shop, before being scammed into paying 7% for tax, and extras for warranty.

Small price to pay…at our shop indeed.

>>>>Fast forward to present >>>>

Small fish in a big pond….gives discount to customer coming in at closing time. Customer asks for big discount. We wanted to finalise the sale and insisted on cash. Customer paid in cash. Several months later, the receipt surfaced in a complaint to manufacturer, attempting to smear our reputation.

Small-minded some retailers are, seeking to dis-credit us.

Oh, and we don’t do memberships. Any purchase made at our shop not at retail price will henceforth be known as a membership price promo. If the customer insisted that they can buy somewhere else cheaper, we will gladly price-match any item as long as it’s profitable.

The catch? Kindly provide your original receipt from competitor. Allow us to photocopy and we will gladly fulfil your demands. Soft copies or PM from Facebook/Email are not acceptable. Online pricing are only permissible if the price is known to us.

We only seek accountability. If you help us, you help yourself, so bullocks to all those PAID memberships.

At Decibel SG, all prices are negotiable, except for the B&W mm-1 speakers on demo and the Shure metal box for our accessories, for these items are priceless.

Spend wisely for Xmas at Decibel SG, where we will reward you for your efforts with a free gift. :o)