Feeling Jaded…

Should I issue a disclaimer notice for everything I want to write about?

Should I declare that my freedom of speech is being curtailed by others?

Me? I’m feeling jaded being part of the audio industry.

Do I regret leaving the I.T industry and be part of the audio industry?

Yes, I do. Yes, I don’t.

That being said, I relish the satisfaction of using my expertise to serve my customers, and hope that my service is adequate to their liking.

If they return to Decibel SG, then I must have done something right. Does this rule applies to me or to the rest of the industry?

Like I said, I don’t know about others. I don’t care how they serve their customers. It’s their decision what type of loyalists they want.

Me? I just want a customer who’s happy when shopping with us. When a customer is happy with our service and keeps returning, we thank them for their support. They help us to grow by recommending their friends to us. The more they show their appreciation, the more we grow. The more we grow, the more this small fish in a big pond will benefit the industry to a wake-up call, that service is not an entitlement. It’s a privilege to serve customers who are not only our rice bowl but also patrons to our growth, contributing more and more to our rise from a nobody to an anybody.

If an anybody can become a somebody some day, we owe those who supported us big-time, because without them, we will never achieved what we have today.

Everytime I received a complaint from distributors cramping our style due to other competitors, I, too, reserved a smile of satisfaction that a small fish in a big pond is causing ripples. Having come from a well-privileged lifestyle and working through the ranks and knowing how to handle my distributors, I beg to differ when it comes to understanding this complex audio industry.

What I find interesting:

1) A local distributor paid me a visit. The haughty sales representative strode in, after missing 1 appointment without the courtesy of informing that she’s on medical leave, arrived late for the appointment, proceeds to ask why I didn’t buy from them and who did I buy from. We did, a year ago, but no reply. Then she proceed to ask how many pieces of these particular model we can sell per month. I told her that it’s different from selling external hard disks. How do I decide what’s best for my customer? I was told I need to order 10pcs per model per colour, no returns if product cannot sell and payment must be in cash and margin is only 15%.

– my opinion –

The sales representative should be more well-trained. I can tolerate incompetence only to a certain extent. Raised in a business environment since young, I cannot believe that I have to follow such draconian rules in order to be their reseller, popular brand or not. Imagine my surprise when I heard that I was declared a parallel importer in their opinion. What I find amusing is the lengths they go to…I sell that brand. I’m outside their control because they make ridiculous demands that I do not wish to follow. Literally, through their stupid actions, a normal retailer is forced to become a parallel importer.

Oh, and dear customers, don’t worry. I’m not a parallel importer.

I have an import and export company procuring for me from local retailers of that popular brand. So, in the end, it does not matter because I sell only local stock procured from the distributor through indirect channels, bearing the distributor’s sticker.

Like I said, the audio industry is fascinating. Some are narrow-minded, some are literally business-oriented. Few are of outstanding moral pedigree.

I couldn’t agree more…feeling as jaded as I am, in dealing with them.

[disclaimer notice: the above are personal opinions only and since no names are mentioned, hence no legal means are necessary or warranted].