Feeling euphoric…

Part III of the “feeling jaded, restless, euphoric”.

Nothing beats listening to metal with my favourite on-ear headphone Aedle VK-1 Classic.

The feeling of the drums hammering common sense into me, drumming into me the reality of the audio business, chipping away at my gnawing sense of dread, infusing me with a battle fervour, stabilising my nerves and cleansing me of all impurities on “how dare they”…and what nots.

The great soundstage of the Aedle commanding me to be at my imperious best, waving my scimitar at those scores of empty vessels who tends to make the loudest noise.

The feeling of serenity envelopes me as I was literally so engrossed in the music yammering away that makes me prepare to continue the onslaught of small fish in a big pond, shrugging off all my worries and ploughed forth.

Isn’t the Aedle VK-! Classic great? A wonderful headphone that will never made the cut at our shop, simply for its price @ $748.

The Aedle is part of my collection comprising Final Audio Pandora Hope V & Heaven S, Westone 2, Hifiman RE-600, Fidue A83 & Parrot Zik. My collection will be complete if I can add a Sol Republic Shadow Wireless and a Final Audio FI-BA-SS.

Enough digressing…

just a little update.

Bluetooth Speakers – 90% complete (still revamping)

Bluetooth Earphone – 95% complete (clearing dead-weights)

Bluetooth On Ear – 95% complete (waiting for AKG Y50BT)

Bluetooth Over-Ear – 100% complete (we feel that having Parrot Zik 2.0/3.0) is sufficient. B&O, B&W, Sennheiser is truly over-priced.

Headphones – 95% complete

Earphones – 95% complete

Speakers – Audioengine is sufficient.

DAP – 80% complete (considering 2/3 brands)

Portable Amp – 60% complete (still revamping)

Headphone Amp/DAC – Still contemplating

until then…looking forward to our next update.