Bluetooth Speakers…bleh bleh bleh.

So, anyone up for another Bluetooth Speaker this Xmas?

Splash proof seems to be the nom-de-gruel for Bluetooth Speakers this year. While others are playing catch up for pairing as stereo, most are dreaming up seamless integration into our wireless network or wireless charging.

Having APT-X, Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 , and at least a IPX rating seems to be so important these days.

Let’s hold our horses and re-evaluate.

Splash proof – Check!

Small form factor – Check!

Good bass radiators – Check!

Double pairing up to stereo – Check!

Achieve a design award – Check!

Achieve a decent selling price – Check!

What else do we want more…for Xmas? Another Bluetooth Speaker, the latest mobile phone or another useless power bank?

Apparently, I have served many customers and it seems many owned more than one. Surprise, surprise.

The question is, do I really need another Bluetooth Speaker, the way everyone in the family must have a mobile phone, from the little tykes to the impressionable teenagers to the adults.

Seriously, a Bluetooth speaker by itself is more than sufficient. Forget about features like pairing up, as it doesn’t seem really all that useful.

Take the JBL Xtreme, our best seller. By itself, it offers thumping bass, good mids and highs. But once you double up, it’s like listening to 2 mono speakers trying hard to work together in a stereo-like artificial soundstage.

The best pairing up I’ve seem is the UE Boom or UE MegaBoom. It does sound way LOUDER. But that’s it. No 3D Dimensional Soundstage, no satisfaction. It does not put a smile on my face. It sounds so pedestrian.

The best portable speaker I’ve heard?

LOEWE Speaker 2go, our newest addition. Affordable when compared to Naim Mu-so. Sounds great with Jazz, Blues, Metal. yup! Metal, the guitar strumming are so life-like, so realistic, it’s as if I’m really hearing it at the stage. Soundstage? Not too bad, a close second to the soundstage of the Denon Envaya (currently, sold out!). However, the drums are fantastic. The cymbals after-echo is simply so refreshing…

We also delve into shower-esque speakers. We found one good little gem. Extremely affordable. Gogear Double Agent @ $79.90, if you like mids & vocals, that is. For bass lovers, we think Creative Muvo Mini is a good consolation for closet shower soloists (we have yet to test it though, as it’s coming this week).

Any recommendations for powered Bluetooth Speakers?

I find myself preferring the Audoiengine B2 over a Marshall Stanmore, simply because I enjoy my sub bass, articulate mids and pristine highs of the wonderful looking little walnut speaker. Marshall Stanmore is a work of art if you love the retro vintage look. Proportionately more so than the other 2 models of Woburn or Acton. A tad disappointing will be the less prominent mids. It does well in Bass & Vocals in my opinion, and having little control knobs for Bass & Treble helps.

Is the Naim mu-so better than the Klipsch Sonos Music System?

I have absolutely no idea…as our shop does not have the right environment for testing them. Also, I have this belief that no matter how good the device sounds, in a typical household where one family member is streaming movies, another is playing games, and some are downloading, do you think your fibre network is stable enough to listen to your dollar-unfriendly Wireless Speakers?

I’m already having some trouble using 4G bandwidth when surfing the net, downloading and at the same time listening to Ruark Audio’s R2 MKIII speaker that we carry. Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, DLNA, DAB, DAB+, FM, Internet Radio, USB-Enabled, etc. so many features…but this lifestyle audio product is simply so heartwarming. The price? It’s sounds so good for a fraction of the price of Naim mu-so or Klipsch Sonos. So, why do I need more?

Adios, until next time.